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amazon products on white

Products on White

We shoot and edit professional product photography on white for use on Amazon, Etsy, eBay, eCommerce sites and more.

amazon lifestyle photography

Lifestyle Photography

We offer complete lifestyle photography packages to help capture your product being used “in real life” situations.

Amazon Product Photography, Product Photos for E-Commerce Stores

Customers rely on Thrive Product Studio as their worldwide leader in professional product photography.

Product photography is one of the most important aspects of selling your products online. After all, a buyer can’t see or touch a product in person. Not only is the quality of an image the deciding factor in a buyer’s mind when making a purchase, platforms like Amazon, eBay and Shopify have their own image requirements.

We are your preferred Amazon Product Photography providers, offering both products on white and lifestyle photography packages.

with Professional Photos

for Product Images


and eBay Selling Rules

Our Process

  • 1. Place Your Order Online

    At Thrive Product Studio, we make the process of ordering your product images simple. Simply fill out our online order form and select one of our various product photography services. Order Online Here!  At this time, we ask for payment which can be made through our secure payment portal or PayPal. International customers must use PayPal.

  • 2. Ship Your Items To Us

    Once you submit your order form, we will send you an order confirmation email with instructions on how to pack and ship your items. Learn more about the shipping process.

  • 3. Photograph & Edit

    One of our professional photographers will then photograph your products using state-of-the-art equipment along with a custom color background & professional editing.  Learn more about our process.

  • 4. Review & Download Photos

    After the product photography process is done, minor re-touching is done to the images, and a link will be sent to our customer via email to download their images.  Please review the images and confirm that you received them.  If you are happy with the images, we can either donate or ship the product back to you.  If an issue occurs, we do offer one free re-shoot, but there are extremely strict stipulations that follow, so please contact us.  We please ask for a clear directions given to our photographer prior to the start of the photography process to ensure the absolute best outcome and excellent results.  Diverting from these initial directions will not be considered as a free re-shoot, and the re-shoot is subject to be charged at normal rates.

  • 5. We Ship Your Products Back

    Once your project is complete, we will carefully pack and ship your products back to you. You can either provide us with a pre-paid return label at the time of your shipment or we can bill you upon completion of the shoot.

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